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Summer 2021

Saginaw Valley 989 Summer Travel Lacrosse is re-launching to provide a low-cost and local option for boys lacrosse players of all levels of skill and experience in Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, and neighboring locals.

A link to the registration is located at the bottom of this page, but please read the information contained here before proceeding to registration.

We are also open to the possibility of adding girls teams in future years if there is sufficient demand and coaches available. Please let us know if you are interested in organizing and/or coaching girls teams for 989.



We tentatively plan to attend 3 events during the summer of 2021. Those events are listed below along with the dates and per-player cost.

We're offering each event a la carte to make it easier for families to avoid conflicts with family vacations, other lacrosse events, etc. so you don't have to pay for an event that you can't attend. Even if you're playing for another team, you're welcome to join us for any of the events that fit your schedule.

We also offer a discounted registration fee if you register for all three events and register early ($350 if registered before Jan 1, $375 by Feb 1, $400 by Mar 1, and $425 by Apr 1).



All players and coaches are required to have valid US Lacrosse memberships before registering. There are various benefits that come with US Lacrosse membership, but in this context the most important is that the liability insurance that we receive via US Lacrosse is contingent upon all players and coaches having valid US Lacrosse memberships.


Practices and Coaching

All players who are registered for at least one event are welcome to participate in any and all practices we have during the summer. We anticipate having at total of ~ 8 practices in June and July.  The 15 dates of summer competition allowed by the MHSAA for a coach and more than 7 players from one school will be sufficient to allow for the 6 days of tournaments and the ~ 8 practices in June and July (with a "dead week" the week of July 4). The locations of practices have not yet been set, but they will be somewhere in the tri-city area. The coaching staffs are also yet to be determined. We hope that we'll be able to have coaches from Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland and to include some college players on the coaching staffs.


Tryouts and Teams

We don't plan to have try-outs for 989. Part of our philosophy is that we'll find a place for everyone. In general, if we have enough players at a particular age group to field more than one team, we'll plan to divide players into teams according to skill level. The Saginaw tournament is one possible exception. For that event, we might divide teams by geography (e.g., Bay City, Midland, and/or Saginaw) if we have enough players to do so. If not, we'll combine as we will for the other tournaments.



Every player must have a uniform set of matching blue and white reversible jersey and shorts to wear during the events. We'll use the same uniform design in future years, so it's an investment of'll be able to wear it for future years as long as it still fits. The cost is $26 for the jersey and $24 for the shorts.

  • If you have a blue and white 989 uniform from a previous year that fits (e.g., like the ones pictured at the top of the home page...and it can't have the name Momentum on it), you may use it again this year and pay no uniform fees when you register .
  • If you do not have a uniform from a previous year or need a different size, you will need to order a uniform.



The easiest way to pay is to submit total fees online upon conclusion of this registration session via credit card. You may also submit payment in full via check. If you need to use a payment plan, you can either submit a partial payment by check or send email to to request an electronic invoice to make a partial payment via credit card. At least 25% of the total fee is due within 2 weeks of registering. The remainder is due in at most 3 payments due Feb 1, Mar 1, and Apr 1. 


If you have any questions not addressed by this document, please send email to



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