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Travel Box

Long Tail Cup
Jan 22-23
Total Sports Novi East. 41550 Grand River Novi, MI 48375

Hotel Block (cut-off date Jan 10 12:01am Est): LINK



  • high school graduation years 2022-2025

Events and Cost (a la carte or 3-event package)

Other Requirements

  • A uniform is required: $36 for the box jersey and $23 for the shorts. The shorts are the same as from summer or fall, so if you have those then you only need to buy a jersey. The jersey is a box jersey and is not the same as the summer and fall field jersey. This is a one-time cost since the uniform may be used again in future years.
  • A USBOXLA membership is required ($45 per year). You'll need to have your valid membership number before the first tourney (we have to submit our membership numbers to the tourneys with our rosters or waivers), but you don't need it before registering with us. When you purchase your USBOXLA membership, the form asks you to “Choose your Sanctioned League/Event.” In response to that question, select one of the tourneys that you'll play in...but your membership will cover all of the tourneys as long as you select the yearly membership option.
  • In addition to typical field lacrosse protective equipment, kidney pads (e.g., Under Armour Spectre Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads, Epoch Integra X Elite Box Lacrosse Kidney Pads, etc.) and bicep pads (e.g., Under Armour Command Pro Black Box Lacrosse Bicep Pads, Epoch ID X Box Lacrosse Bicep Pads, etc.) are required.


  • approx. 3 per month (Nov-Feb) on the turf at the Midland Civic Arena
  • hopefully we'll be able to schedule most practices on the weekends (Fri night, Sat, or Sunday), but there may be a few that are on weeknights (weekend turf time is hard to get)
  • in case you're interested in carpooling to practices or tourneys, we currently have players registered from Saginaw and Lansing in addition to Midland

Practice Schedule

  • Sun Jan 9, 9-11 AM
  • Sun Jan 16, 9-11 AM
  • Sun Jan 30, 9-11 AM
  • Sun Feb 6, 8-10 PM [tentative, hope to move this to an earlier time]


  • Adam Nycz
  • Jared Nycz
  • Jason George
  • Nodin Jackson
  • Cauy George

What is Travel Box Like?

  • if you haven't played travel box before, you can check out some video of games at the following links
  • Warbirds (high school team from 2020 coached by the Nycz brothers and Coach Jason with some players from our area)
  • Grand Rapids Grizzlies (men's team with a few players from our area including Coaches Nodin and Cauy. Coach Jared is on the Hooligans team in the video from July of this year.)

Why is Box Lax More Expensive than Field?

  • tournament fees are 50% more expensive than typical field tourneys
  • rosters are smaller, so the tournament fees are divided over a smaller number of players
  • we have to rent the turf for practice time



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