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Latest Info

Small change in 14U game times (see below)

This Week (June 14-20)

  • Youth and High School practice 6-7:30 PM on Tue and Thu at Northeast
  • Men practice Tue (and maybe Thu) from 7:30-9 PM at Northeast
  • COVID testing Thu from 5-6 PM at Northeast (LINK)
  • Tourney on Saturday and Sunday at the Saginaw Soccer Complex


Waivers for the Saginaw tourney are due on Wednesday. Please complete them ASAP: LINK


Our plan is the Sam Luzar and Jason George will be the main coaches for the high school team, Andrew Morley and Elliot Moore will be the main coaches for the youth team, and Ethan Richard, Ryan Kreusch, Jonathan Moore, and others will also help coach. Because availability for any particular practice or tourney will vary somewhat, we anticipate that all of the coaches will have some engagement with both teams.

If you have any info that you'd like to communicate to the coaches (e.g. missing a practice, etc.), please send that info to Jonathan Moore ( who will share it with the other coaches.


If you haven't received your uniform yet, it's because either you missed the June 10 practice or you registered too late for the first uniform order. We're hoping the second order will arrive in time for this weekend's tourney. We'll distriubute whatever uniforms we have on Saturday. If you don't have your uniform yet, plan to bring a pair of dark blue or black shorts with you to the tourney. If your uniform doesn't arrive in time, we'll loan you a pennie for this weekend.

Saginaw Tourney Schedules

The youth and high school schedules for this weekend have been posted on Tourney Machine (LINK). As of Tue morning, this is the schedule (but beware adjustments to a tourney schedule are not unusual). The men's schedule has not been posted yet.

989 JV

Saturday, June 19, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team  
P3 8:50 AM Field 4 989 JV     Invictus Lake Orion JV  
P9 10:30 AM Field 1 989 JV     Traverse City United JV  
P15 1:00 PM Field 5 Howe's Heroes 23/24     989 JV  

Bracket play for the high school team begins Sunday morning.


989 14U

Saturday, June 19, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team  
  3:20 PM Field 14 Cash Cows 14U     989 14U  

5:00 PM, 5:50 PM

Field 14 True MI 2026     989 14U  
  6:40 PM, 7:50 PM Field 10 989 14U     True Columbus 2025 Green  

Bracket play for 14U begins early Sunday afternoon.


989 Men

Saturday, June 19, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team  
P1 4:10 PM Field 20 Team PLG     989 Men  
P6 5:50 PM Field 20 989 Men     Hartland Heat  
Sunday, June 20, 2021
Game Time Location Team Score Team  
P13 11:20 AM Field 21 Vick's Doggy Daycare     989 Men  
P15 2:40 PM  Field 19 Lakeshow     989 Men  


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