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Fall 2023

The info below was for Fall 2023. The plans for Fall 2024 are anticipated to be similar and will be updated at the end of the summer in 2024.


  • Fall Brawl in Lansing on Sunday October 15 (3+ games in 1 day)
  • Boo Bash in Oxford on Sunday October 29 (3 games in 1 day)


Each event will be $125 per player a la carte (or $200 for both). 20% discount for registrations by September 4.

All players and coaches are required to have valid USA Lacrosse memberships before registering. There are various benefits that come with USA Lacrosse membership, but in this context the most important is that the liability insurance that we receive via USA Lacrosse is contingent upon all players and coaches having valid USA Lacrosse memberships.


  • Sunday afternoons from 2-3:30 PM at Northeast Middle School in Midland (Sep 10, Sep 17, Sep 24, Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 22)

House and Elite Rosters

  • As announced previously (more details here), moving forward we will distinguish between "house" rosters (plays in less competitive divisions at events) and "elite" rosters (attends more competitive events, plays in more competitive divisions at events, has higher expectations regarding practice attendance, etc.). Whether we have house rosters, elite rosters, or both will depend on how many elite players (as judged by coaches evaluation) register. This fall, the events would be the same for House and Elite but Elite would play in a more competitive division.


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