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Some players and parents have expressed interest in the possibility of adding an "elite" option to 989...that is...teams of more skilled and experienced players that would travel to and play in more competitive events in Michigan and possibly elsewhere in the Midwest. Although we don't want to digress from our mission to serve and have a place for all players in our area (both skilled and newly developing), we would like to offer a more elite option too if there are enough players interested.

This elite option would be in addition to (not in place of) our current offering (which are more like "house" teams that are open to both new and experienced players, typically play in less competitive divisions, and don't necessarily have any requirements about practice attendance). The elite teams would require greater commitment than our "house" offering (for example, commitment to play in the tourney or tourneys that the "elite" teams attend and also to routinely attend practices in order to train to compete at an elite level as a team). If you also play for other teams or clubs and there is a conflict with a 989 Elite event, Elite players will be expected to prioritize 989.

We held some player evaluations during the summer of 2023 and will have more before summer of 2024. We aim to have elite teams participate in at least one tourney in summer 2024. For example, perhaps we could have 1 middle school roster and 1 high school roster.

With this goal in mind, Coach Stadelmaier and other coaches will be offering additional practice time during the next two weeks (dates listed below) for players interested in a possible elite option or who just want to put in some extra work and effort to improve their game. This will also serve as time for player evaluations in order to assess which players would fit in well on an elite roster if we are able to offer one.


Q: What age groups?
A: I think it mostly depends on which age groups have enough players who are interested and a good fit for a more elite team, but...(for example) perhaps we could have 1 middle school roster and 2 high school rosters.

Q: What if we're on vacation or for some other reason can't attend some or all of these end-of-July practices.
A: Please let us know that you're interested. Attend what you can. We'll plan to have other opportunities for player evaluation between now and next summer.

Q: Will all of these July dates be used for player evaluations?
A: All the dates are opportunities 1) for extra practice (for anyone) and 2) for evaluation (for players who are interested in the elite teams).

Q: Would 2024 grads be able to participate on an elite team for summer 2024?
A: Not sure yet. It would depend on which tourney we go to and if they allow graduated seniors.

Contact Jonathan Moore at if you have any questions.

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